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Zoom Player MAX 17.2 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Zoom Player MAX 17.2

The most Flexible and Sophisticated Media Player for Windows!
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Zoom Player MAX 17.2 giveaway olarak 7 Aralık 2023 tarihinde sunulmuştu

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Zoom Player stands out as the most flexible and sophisticated media player for Windows. Its unique 'Smart Play' technology ensures a seamless playback experience, allowing a wide range of media files, formats, and streams, including YouTube and IPTV, to play with minimal hassle. Smart Play not only enhances stability and performance but also delivers higher-quality playback. Zoom Player's Home Theater navigation system is both customizable and user-friendly, providing easy access to content whether using a mouse, keyboard, remote control, or touch input. The media library JukeBox feature elevates your movie and TV collection experience, enriching it with posters, backdrops, and detailed metadata such as overviews, cast information, genres, and more.

Zoom Player’s Home Theater navigation interface is designed for intuitive use, incorporating features such as the Media Library, File Browser, Playlist, Color Control, Audio Equalizer, Bookmarks, Play History, and options for Subtitle & Audio Stream Selection. This comprehensive and straightforward navigation makes Zoom Player an ideal choice for people who may not have extensive computer experience, offering a media center-like simplicity that caters to all levels of users.

Zoom Player is highly customizable and adaptable, allowing the creation of a safe and tailored viewing environment. This flexibility is perfect for both novices and professionals, enabling you to either limit or extend the player's functionality according to your needs. Fully scalable, Zoom Player supports the latest media formats and interfaces, continuously integrating new features. Updates and new feature releases are regularly announced on our reddit support forum and social media, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with the latest advancements in media playback technology.

15% discount code for the lifetime upgrades license for GOTD users: GOTD2023 (valid until Dec. 15th)

Sistem Gereksinimleri:

(minimal): Windows XP with 2GB of System RAM; (optimal): Windows 10/11 with 16GB of System RAM and 6GB GPU RAM



Web sayfası:


Dosya boyutu:

37 MB

Licence details:

Non expirable, no updates, support available



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Developed by DVDVideoMedia
Developed by MPCSTAR
Developed by VSO Software
Developed by Next Generation Software, Inc.

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- No "private viewing" - no way to STOP playback, only pause; removing files does not remove them from play history, play history can not be purged, you have to delete each item 1-by-1 (no multiple selection either)
- Media scanner scans your whole computer, can't specify a single folder or drive, can't set folders to ignore. No way to stop the scanning process other than closing the program.
- Doesn't support saving playlist as .m3u or .pls.
- No proxy settings for network connection.
- Space bar does not pause by default.
- Creating bookmarks/chapters manager could be easier (it would be nice to just press Ctrl+D or Ctrl+B, like in web browsers).
- The program installer and executable is unsigned, so some anti-malware solutions/Windows Defender are likely to nag you with a pop-up.
- Not portable at all. Can't just extract setup.exe with 7-zip and just move the folder contents starting with "$" one up. You have to install it with admin rights, otherwise filters won't work. (No copy-pasting an installed "program files" folder to another computer later, and no easy migration when you upgrade Windows.)

- Great video manager: ability to press Delete on a currently playing file and put the video into the recycle bin.
- Good for a HTPC, easy to navigate via a standard TV remote.

Anonymous tarafından yorumlandı  –  2 months ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+15)

Hi Anonymous, let me address some of the items you mentioned:

"Private Viewing" - is supported, you can specify in the advanced options which folders should be kept off the play history or just hidden (so last position is still remembered).

"Media Scanner" - You can setup the media library through the media scanner, but it's not the most powerful way to do it in Zoom Player, to do exactly what you wish and for many more media library category features, press Shift+"M" to bring up the media library category editor dialog.

".M3U / .PLS playlist saving" - I can add this feature, it's fairly simple, but these playlist formats are slower to parse than Zoom Player's default playlist format, making them less suitable, especially for large playlists. Why is this an important feature I should implement?

"- No proxy settings" - You're right, but I didn't write the network stack myself. ZP is using an open-source component called LAV Filters that does it. For YouTube playback Zoom Player is using Microsoft Edge's WebView2, which means it will take whatever proxy settings are configured for the edge browser.

- "Space bar does not pause by default." - You can easily change this through the options. ZP default value for the space bar has been to show the control bar in Zoom Player for over 23 years, I don't want to break that for existing users.

"Creating bookmarks/chapters manager could be easier" - Possibly but it's not very complex. You can use the keyboard (Ctrl+Shift+"C" to add a chapter/bookmark, Alt+C to save the current chapters to disk) or the chapter editor (Press "G"). If you have tips on how I can make it easier, I'd be happy to make improvements.

"The program installer and executable is unsigned" - The installer is signed (when you run it warns of "unknown", but if you check the file's properties in explorer and then review the certificate, the next time you try to run the installer it will show the actual name. It's Microsoft giving headaches to software developers, I've written a post about it here if you're interested:

"Not portable at all" - Yes, installing DirectShow filters requries admin rights, ZP itself is pretty portable, you can choose to do a legacy install into a single folder, run it once and set a local config file (Adv. Options / System) and then you can move this folder around. I am working on integrating VLC as an optional playback engine so in theory you could make a VLC/ZP hybrid that doesn't require admin rights to install and will be fully portable.

"Migration" - If you open the options dialog, there is an export option that allows you to export and the settings and configuration file as a zip file which you can later import back into Zoom Player.

I really value your thoughtful input and time spent writing your comment, come join Zoom Player's sub-reddit and we can discuss things further.

Inmatrix tarafından yorumlandı  –  2 months ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+27)

@ $29.95 is the 1-Year-License and not the Lifetime-License (Lifetime is just under 100,-)
a heavy price tag for a mediaplayer without YouTube download and all that shiny stuff you find in other cheaper apps

good mediaplayer; grab it if you need it but after 360 days you might pay or use VLC and the like, unless we get an update here from GOTD about the License

Fischer tarafından yorumlandı  –  2 months ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+1)

Fischer, I included a 15% coupon for the lifetime (every future update is free) version. The $29.95 version never expires, it's just after 1 year if you want to upgrade to a new version, you have to buy a license. Every new version released between the time you buy Zoom Player and 1 year later is a free upgrade.

YouTube downloading is illegal, I live in a country where International laws are respected and I don't want to get sued. You can stream YouTube videos in Zoom Player and integrate YouTube Channels, Playlists and Trending videos into Zoom Player's media library, which is not something you can do with a lot of other players.

Inmatrix tarafından yorumlandı  –  2 months ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+27)

I've been hanging on to version 14 ever since this offer. Zoom Player doesn't come up often, but when it does I grab it. IMO; it's as good as MPC-BE or VLC players. It plays anything you throw at it. The app can be a bit bloated and slow at startup, but you can trim it down by removing the things you don't need. Also, there can be a learning curve for new users. You can get help on Zoom Player's website and in their forum . Thanks to GOTD and Zoom Player for the offer.

Jim C tarafından yorumlandı  –  2 months ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+18)

Jim C, I did my very best to keep Zoom Player unbloated and fast loading, It loads significantly faster than VLC on the PCs I tried it on. I would be happy to learn what you are doing to trim it down, please post more detailed information on Zoom Player's sub-reddit if you can.

Inmatrix tarafından yorumlandı  –  2 months ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+17)

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