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Music Making for MS Word Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Music Making for MS Word

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Music Making for MS Word giveaway olarak 8 Mayıs 2009 tarihinde sunulmuştu

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Müzisyenler ve amatör olarak müzikle igilenenler için ideal bir program.  Microsoft Word belgelerinin içerisinde nota yazmak isteyenlere hitap ediyor. Her türlü müzik eserini notalara dökmek için kullanabileceğiniz bu programla Word'ün yayıncılık yeteneklerini birleştirerek harika dokumanlar oluşturabilirsiniz. Program Microsoft Word uygulamasına sahip herkesin nota yazabilmesine imkan veriyor. Sözleri ile de beraber...

Sistem Gereksinimleri:

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista; Microsoft Word


Maestro Music Software

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4.70 MB



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CHIP ve GIVEAWAY çok teşekkürler sizlere.müzikle uğraşanlar için,nota öğrenmek isteyenler için eşi bulunmaz,çok yararlı bir program.hdd fazla da yer kaplamıyor,çok güzel.hem de bedava.bu fırsatı kaçırmayın derim..

Yanıt   |   Hüseyin Özgür Köse tarafından yorumlandı  –  14 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (0)

süper tşekkür ederim çok hoşuma gitti

Yanıt   |   grove tarafından yorumlandı  –  14 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (0)
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Great piece of software, folks! Note that many other pieces of software like this will run over $100 for a powerful interface. I am definitely impressed with this piece of software and its free giveaway here. Here are some things to remember, and note that a full review, screen shots, and instructions on getting the editor open are below. Thanks!

*Quick Loading
*Excellent Power
*Great Installation
*Playback features and bells n' whistles are great!

*No editing in MS Word
*Slightly complicated interface

Full Review, Screen Shots, and getting the editor open

College Life tarafından yorumlandı  –  14 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+40)

Quick verdict: thumbs down.

It may be a great little program, but the interface is much more complicated than it needs to be. I have a ton of experience with music writing software (Finale, Sibelius, Noteworthy, and others) but I always come back to Noteworthy Composer. for it's simple yet robust interface. It is also only $49 verses Finale's lowest piece which is $99 (and others upwards of $500). Noteworthy isn't as feature packed as Finale or Sibelius but Noteworthy's interface is definitely worth the small lack of features.

Here's the link to Noteworthy Software:

You can install the trail version which has no limits except that when printing, it will include something like "Made with Noteworthy" in the printout and it doesn't allow you to paste in files which were saved by a registered version. FYI: The trial version also has no time/day limit.

PS: in almost all notation software there are keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will save you soooooo much time!! Learn them. Use them. Breathe them. ...or if you're using Sibelius, just buy the specially shortcut-labeled keyboard here:
http://www.kbcovers.com/servlet/Categories?category=Sibelius (Mac keyboard covers)

Nathan J. Brauer tarafından yorumlandı  –  14 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+26)

#3 I have run into similar problem before in installing another software, and know how annoying it is. Try this (that which I have done before in solving such a problem of disappearing add-ins)

After installation, click "Add-Ins" menu on MS Word and see if there is a Toolbar Commands with the Add-in. If none, click on the MS button, located at the top left corner, and click "Word Options" at the buttom of the menu. And on the opened page, then click "Add-Ins, and see if is listed among the Active Application Add-ins, "MagicScore Server Addin". If it is not there, look at the buttom of the page, and on the "Manage", select "COM ADD-ins", and click Go, and see if there is listed in the Add-Ins available "MagicScore Server Addin", and be sure to click on it to make a check mark to enable it.

If you have a problem following the steps above, such as not seeing listed "MagicScore Server Addin"---Do this. Click on the MS button, located at upper left corner of MS Word, click "Word Options" seen at the buttom of the opened menu, click "Trust Center", and then on the opened page, click "Trust Center Settings...". Then click on "Add-ins", and be sure that the items on the right side of the page are unchecked --" Require Aplication Add-ins...." and "Disable all application..." Then, go back to preceeding instructions (previous paragraph), and follow the instructions.

Hope this help.

Andrew tarafından yorumlandı  –  14 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+20)


It is both. But the only way to get to the software is to open it in MS Word as a plug-in/add-in.

If you really want it on your start menu, you CAN create a shortcut there by pulling a shortcut that should be in the software's program files, but I am unsure as of now whether or not you can save stand alone files, or only integrate into MS Word. Hope that helps!

College Life tarafından yorumlandı  –  14 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+16)

Their products are great and well written.

However, I am confused on how to run this particular program

other than after installation.

I use office 2007 ultimate and I don't see a short-cut or an icon

within the word tool-bar which will allow quick access to the program.

I have checked program menu, no short-cut icon file and in the program

installation folder, no short-cut icon.

If anyone does get this program working other than directly after installation please post in forums.

Thanks in advance.

Lee tarafından yorumlandı  –  14 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+13)

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