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Magnifying Glass Pro 1.8 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Magnifying Glass Pro 1.8

The Magnifying Glass Pro ile ekranınıza sanal bir büyüteç geliyor. Bu sayede özellikle sunumlarda ekranın belli bir bölümünü istediğiniz gibi büyütebiliyorsunuz.
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Magnifying Glass Pro 1.8 giveaway olarak 10 Ağustos 2010 tarihinde sunulmuştu

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The Magnifying Glass Pro ile ekranınıza sanal bir büyüteç geliyor. Bu sayede özellikle sunumlarda ekranın belli bir bölümünü istediğiniz gibi büyütebiliyorsunuz.

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Sistem Gereksinimleri:

Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7; Preferred CPU frequency is 500 MHz and more


Workers Collection

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Dosya boyutu:

2.51 MB



GIVEAWAY download basket

Bring back the Start button and menu to Windows 8.
Developed by Microsoft
Developed by Stardock Corporation
Developed by Repkasoft

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The Good
* Straightforward and easy to use.
* Users can setup the magnifier to work in many different ways for different scenarios.
* Works with hotkeys.
* Users can take screenshots of what you magnify.
* Interesting "mouse shaking" feature.
* Useful "auto profile switcher" that can automatically change the magnifier to a different profile when a certain program is running.

The Bad
* No option to hide mouse cursor while using magnifier.
* "Auto profile switcher" needs minor tweaking to be more consistent.
* Turns off Windows Vista/Win7 Aero.

Free Alternatives
Built-In Magnifier for Windows
Virtual Magnifying Glass

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Ashraf tarafından yorumlandı  –  12 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+97)

I didn't download this, but Windows 7 already has this feature built in. Just hit Windows key + + (the plus key). By hitting the Windows key and the plus key at the same time the built in magnifier will be shown.

Windows XP and Vista have similar features.

ZloolS tarafından yorumlandı  –  12 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+71)

I can't understand, why people are so negative. When many are just waiting to GOTD for next day's offer. Many start giving negative rating while they have not downloaded or used any of the software.

Rajesh Prajapati tarafından yorumlandı  –  12 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+68)

This used to be my favorite magnifier utility, although buggy. As usual, we have endless uninformed comments.

#1, Ashraf, you can hide the mouse cursor depending upon the glass position in the glass profile, and whether magnified cursor is enabled. Aero isn't disabled for all positions. I use corner tracker.

#5, liste, the shake parameters are adjustable.

Comparisons to Vista and higher magnifiers, other magnifiers, etc., are uninformed. This has many features which other magnifiers lack.

I actually bought this for under $12 when it was on BDJ. However, I'm withdrawing my recommendation for Magnifying Glass Pro, just as I withdrew my recommendation for AnVir. The world is filled with people who think that they're programmers when they aren't. Most of them work for Microsoft.

Here are some of the issues:
General bad coding and instability.
New releases with the same user revision number (internally, it does have bug-fix and build numbers).
I uninstalled my to install the current off of their website, and their uninstaller deleted all of my autorun entries (fortunately, I was able to restore them easily via Blue Project SysTracer Pro 2.2).
Endless problems with the auto-switcher. It's not working on my PC (it used to). The example targets aren't standard, with paths that don't match mine, which aren't editable (even though they appear to be), with captions in another language (which obviously won't match), etc. Adding new targets doesn't identify them properly, at least not on my PC, so I have to add the executables manually. Even then, it's not working.
Doesn't restrict the glass to the active monitor on multi-monitor systems.
Probably other stuff which I don't recall right off.

I've had endless hardware failures, which are too numerous to list here. My HP wireless keyboard/mouse receiver croaked, so I bought a Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse. This lets me use Microsoft IntelliPoint, but in typical Microsoft fashion, it has massive bugs which have been around for years. But it does have a magnifier which supports Aero, although it switches Aero off and back on briefly, which is highly annoying.

There's the Vista magnifier, which I don't use.

Microsoft Sysinternals ZoomIt is quite handy.

Fubar tarafından yorumlandı  –  12 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+53)

Don't see the need for this over Win7's built-in magnifier; especially since the built-in one is (arguably) much better. The shake activation of this is difficult to operate (at least for me)and it's a lot more difficult than the simple microsoft interface.

Still, there's nothing wrong with this and if you don't have win7 it is a vast improvement over the XP magnifier.

liste tarafından yorumlandı  –  12 years ago  –  Bu yorumu yararlı buldunuz mu? evet | hayır (+27)

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